Mickey Cake Decorating Class at Amorette’s Patisserie

Spring Break plans were to visit warm and sunny Florida.  Of course Disney was a main destination.  While looking for dining reservations my mom came across a cake class at Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs.  And of course who would not want to make a cake at an awesome bakery at the most wonderful place on earth!

So we got up early and headed to make some Disney Magic at Amorette’s.  The class takes place before the bakery opens so they had a private event sign out front for us.



When we entered we got to choose a drink.  There was a list to choose from of hot and cold drinks and some with alcohol.  I ordered a latte and went to get seats for the class. The class size is small and it’s setup up in the main bakery area so you can see the instructors and the morning decorators.  They had a demo cake that was covered in fondant for show.






When we sat down at the table we had some items all ready for us to go.  The ears, buttons, and tail were made of chocolate and ready for us to paint. It was like a magical smiley face.




On the table there was also some samples for us to taste.  There was a sample of the cake we would be decorating and some Swiss meringue buttercream of course in the shape of Mickey.  As we taste tested they explained how they make the cake and buttercream.  It takes 3 days to make the Mickey cake we were decorating.  WOW!




Next they showed us how to buttercream our cakes.  It sets fast since the cake is frozen.  You need to get it smooth because of the glaze you have to pour on it will show all the bumps if not.






Then we received our cakes. Ours were already frozen with the buttercream on.  This was kind of a disappointment because I wanted to frost it.  But they probably did it because of limited time and speed needed to get it smooth.






We then got our first layer of glaze. In total we would be putting on three layers of glaze to give it the true mickey red color. This was fun to pour on the cake.



Here is a short video: pouring glaze

After the first layer of the glaze was poured the cake went back to the freezer to set and we started in on the Mickey buttons and ears.  These were made of white chocolate so if you had hot hands you didn’t want to hold them to much or they would melt.  We also painted them with a melted colored chocolate.  The colors were created in stock Disney colors especially for the bakery.




Then while they dried our cakes were returned for a second round of glaze. This was little thicker then the first time.

Then back to the freezer with our cakes.  The also got us drinks multiple more times during the class so I had a few latte’s……





Then we went back over our ears, buttons and tail with a second coat.





And then back with the cakes for the final round of glaze on them.  The third round was a lot thicker to give it a final seal.  The final glaze gave it the real Mickey red.




We had a short break while the final layer was put in the freezer for a bit.  When it was returned we had to transfer it from the wire rack to the cake board and onto the spinner board to decorate.





When we returned they demoed how to decorate with the final pieces.  We were given a ribbon of black Satin Ice fondant (which tastes pretty good) to put on the bottom as trim.  Then I placed the ears and the buttons on the front of Mickey.



Then we added the tail. I had to make a bit bigger hole for that so the chocolate didn’t break when you pushed it in the cake.



Then were asked if we wanted to write on it with a little chocolate.  We could not use buttercream or royal icing because it wouldn’t work with the glaze.  I did a little pre-testing on paper and the chocolate ran together a bit so I played it safe and just wrote my initials.



Then we were done and the cakes were placed in the lighted cases for us to see.  It was amazing to see my cake in the actual patisserie showcase. Then they were boxed up nice for us to take then or come back and grab later in the day.  They had to stay cold and in Florida heat that means you can’t have it out for long.

We also got a goodie bag with a pack of macarons and cookies to take with us.  Yum!



Overall I loved it!  It was a small class with lots of instruction and the crew was so open to questions. I even asked about culinary school to get some guidance from them.  I would love to do another class there in the future!


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